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Jodi O'Callaghan

The ethics of confidentiality... what would you do?

It’s the festive season and you’re attending the usual amount of social events at this time of year – catching up with colleagues and industry peers at each one.

This event sees you attend a fairly sizeable industry gathering and you find yourself talking to Beth from another department.

It’s been a crazy year, with lots of interesting projects and she can’t resist telling you about a confidential project she worked on with a highly valued client. Beth shared some fairly embarrassing examples of the client’s behaviour. At the time you felt a little uncomfortable with the amount of detail Beth was going in to.
What you didn’t know was an associate of that client overheard the conversation. The client calls you first thing Monday morning and insists Beth be fired for unprofessional behaviour.
What would you do?

We challenge you to create a healthy discussion with your colleagues and post a comment below. You could even encourage them to consider taking The Banking and Finance Oath!

Please share your ethical dilemmas with us - we can post them anonymously. You can email your dilemmas to dilemma@thebfo.org 

Photo by Eugene Zhyvchik on Unsplash

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