The Oath

Trust is the foundation of my profession.

I will serve all interests in good faith.
I will compete with honour.
I will pursue my ends with ethical restraint.
I will help create a sustainable future.
I will help create a more just society.
I will speak out against wrongdoing and support others who do the same.
I will accept responsibility for my actions.

In these and all other matters;
My word is my bond.

The Vision

A banking and finance industry that
meets the community’s needs and has its full confidence thereby fulfilling its integral role in society.
The Banking and Finance Oath (BFO) has announced that four high profile industry leaders have joined the BFO Board, reinforcing the extent to which industry is making a serious commitment to this initiativee. New board members include: Dr John Laker AO as Chairman, Rob Caprioli, Group Executive Advice and Banking AMP Limited, Emilio Gonzalez, CEO BT Investment Management (BTIM) and Joyce Phillips, CEO Global Wealth ANZ

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