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Cris Parker

A Personal Commitment

We have made a new video to increase the awareness of the BFO within the industry and the community at large.

The banking and finance industry has increased formal systems of regulation, education and monitoring in response to recent exposure surrounding ethical dilemmas. What's right and wrong in the financial industry can be extremely complex and these systems provide a well defined framework to help navigate those decisions. As individuals the BFO says we hold ourselves accountable to the decisions we make in doing business. Similar to the Hippocratic Oath in the medical industry, the BFO is creating a community that is not only accountable to ourselves in our decision making, but also to our peers. With this comes a supportive network.The BFO initiative was started by leaders within the industry and it's strength comes from the support across the entire industry.

Please share this film with colleagues and friends to increase the awareness of the BFO.

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