The Oath

Trust is the foundation of my profession.

I will serve all interests in good faith.
I will compete with honour.
I will pursue my ends with ethical restraint.
I will help create a sustainable future.
I will help create a more just society.
I will speak out against wrongdoing and support others who do the same.
I will accept responsibility for my actions.

In these and all other matters;
My word is my bond.

The Vision

A banking and finance industry that
meets the community’s needs and has its full confidence thereby fulfilling its integral role in society.

Intern Program

The Banking and Finance Oath are pleased to provide an Intern Program for young people interested in ethics in banking and finance.
In recognition of the fact that the young people of today are the future leaders of the industry The BFO Board, Chaired by Stephen Dunne, CEO of AMP Capital and The BFO Policy Council Chaired by Simon McKeon, Executive Chairman of Macquarie wish to create a closer link between current and future leaders. The BFO Intern Program, along with the Young Ambassador Programs, is a step towards creating this alliance.
The BFO Intern Program provides the following opportunities:
·       Exposure to an innovative online initiative with the opportunity to ‘make your mark’.
·       Opportunity to develop administrative and business skills in a small workplace environment.
·       Overview of the banking and finance industry in Australia with opportunities to network with Industry leaders.
·       Participation in a 1 day ‘Vision Workshop’ with The BFO Young Ambassadors.
·       Free tickets to BFO events held during the period of the program.
Program Specifics
The program covers a six-week period with the intern to attend The BFO Head Office (housed at St James Ethics Centre in Sydney CBD) 1 day per week (Wednesdays).
The 6 days over 6 weeks can be undertaken during University breaks (as one lot or two).
Interns can apply for a renewed term at the end of the program.
Selection Criteria
We are seeking a combination of qualities in The BFO Interns; most important is a commitment to an ethical and just society.
Specifically a BFO Intern should:
1.     Be at University or under the age of 25
2.     Be thoughtful and known for good judgment
3.     Have an interest in ethics
4.     Have an interest or intend to work in the banking and finance industry
The BFO is particularly interested in young people with social media and good communication skills.
Application Process
The BFO are always happy to receive applications for The BFO Intern Program.
Applications should include:
1.     Resume (2 pages maximum).
2.     Proof of age and/or University enrolment.
3.     A written piece (one page maximum) explaining your interest in ethics and your thoughts on the banking and finance industry.
Applications should be sent to:
Please note that the Intern Program is an unpaid program. It is hoped that the benefits to the Intern make their investment of time worthwhile. A reference will be provided on completion of the program and The BFO will endeavor to provide the interns with personal and professional development during the program.